Tax Advice

Tax Planning
Most tax professionals focus on the past and rarely on the future. We spend the majority of our time on how to lawfully minimize your taxes over the next 3 - 5 years. Often our clients tax savings alone are more than our fee - essentially making our service free.

Financial Planning

Goal Setting & Life Planning
We believe in the value of life planning. Our purpose is to help you determine what is truly important to you and bring congruity between your actions and your values. Our expectation is to build a committed relationship with your family over your lifetime.

Insurance Review & Risk Management
Most people only get insurance advice from someone selling insurance. Ark Advisors doesn't sell insurance so clients get an independent, unbiased evaluation of their insurance coverage and deductibles and a full review of insurance needs, without any sales pressure. Your review is based on what your life is really like, not on what the insurance sales people say you should have.

Estate Planning
Should you worry about estate taxes and probate cost? How should your assets be divided, and how can you take care of your family? Ark Advisors will help you think through the tough questions, and help you protect your hard-earned net worth with recommendations about wills, trust, powers of attorney and health care directives such as living wills.

Investment Counseling

Portfolio Analysis
Whether you've never invested before or have a sizeable portfolio, you want your investments to be appropriate for your goals, your tax bracket and your personal tolerance for risk.

Asset Allocation
You'll learn how to balance your investments to hedge against extreme economic cycles. Diversification appropriate to your investment goals and timeframes can help you reduce your portfolio risk while substantially enhancing return on investment.

Commission-Free Investing
No-load, low expense mutual funds are analyzed and specific recommendations are made. For independent investors, the self-directed approach enables you to buy directly from the fund or use the discount broker of your choice. Clients benefit from analysis of no-load funds and specific investment recommendations and from hands-on assistance with implementing the investment program.